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Dream Life trading established on 2006 at Dubai working on dynamics Industrial materials and products like AC Drives, AC motors, gearboxes, Servo Drives and motors, steppers, PLCs and HMIs, and any automation relat  Read More...
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Ac Drives

Servo Drives and Motors

AC Motors

Worm Gear Boxes
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Dubai Marina
Dream Life trading try to bring the best kind of products, services and after sales services to its clients. Our products produce in t Read More...
The Big 5 Show Dubai
The Big 5 Show Dubai is one of the biggest industrial exhibitions worldwide. Visit us there on 25-28
Happey New Year 2013
Dream life wishes a good full of success and joyful year for you and your family. HAPPY NEW YEAR
United Arab Emirates AED per Unit
Updated: 17 jan 2013 10:30 GMT
USD United States Dollars 3.67
GBP United Kingdom Pounds 5.88
EUR Euro 5.27
RLS Iranian Rial 9050
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